Everyone knows how daunting a wall of textual content can look, so if you wish to make your content material interesting you’ll need to break it up with photographs. 

Not solely do photographs assist readers navigate your textual content extra simply, they can be used to optimize your content material by alt tags.

Firstly I ought to clarify that Google and different engines like google can’t really see photographs. 

They don’t know what photographs are depicting, so we have to assist the major search engines to find out what the photographs are. We will do that through the use of alt tags.

Alt tags are, briefly, an outline of the picture.

Alt tags additionally serve the aim of creating your content material extra accessible to those that are visually impaired. 

Audio descriptors use alt tags to explain what a picture is to somebody who can’t see it, so bear this in thoughts when crafting your picture alt tags.

As engines like google take note of alt tags to realize a greater understanding of your content material, you need to use them as one other alternative to make use of your key phrases. 

Nonetheless, if you’d like your content material to be accessible to all audiences, that you must strike a stability between together with your key phrases and correctly describing a picture.

For instance, for those who’re writing about rising blueberries, you possibly can use a picture of a blueberry bush rising in a pot and use the alt tag “picture of blueberries rising in a pot”. 

This instance has a variation of the key phrase “rising blueberries” however would nonetheless describe the picture to visually impaired guests.

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