8 Ways To Make Your Blockchain Project Stand Out

The blockchain industry has seen its greatest peak in usability and solutions to date in recent years. With more projects and solutions arising constantly, there’s a good amount of projects that get overshadowed by others. This can occur due to many reasons, such as your project not having the best ‘Unique Selling Point’ or any need (in demand) currently. 

So what do you do to ensure your project doesn’t meet the same fate as hundreds of others? Simply, you put in the effort to make your project stand out more than others  or you can hire a blockchain pr agency to help you get to the top. There are various ways by which you can enhance and improvise on different aspects of your project to gain more attraction from the audience you need. 

To help you out on this journey of improvement, we’ve listed eight techniques that you can implement and present your blockchain project better than others. 

Steps to Make Your Project Stand Out

If you want your blockchain company to stand out, you need to work on achieving more brand loyalty which is only possible with a robust front and back end. While these are only general factors, you would require more in-depth techniques to succeed. 

Let’s take a look at what steps you can implement to make your project more unique than your competitors. 

Define your USP 

Standing out equals having a solid unique selling proposition (USP). Defining what characteristics separate you from your competitors will give your project an edge. With a well-crafted USP in place, you will be able to clearly and powerfully express your competitive advantage.

Not only will having a USP improve your marketing, but it will streamline your sales, advertising, and promotional materials. The unique factor of your project will attract and drive customers, bolstering your revenue. 

It is possible for you to come across many difficulties in the process of defining your USP among established and renowned companies. Here are a few ways to help you with this. 

In addition, it is always best to bring in multiple opinions to assess what distinctive qualities that can make you stand out. Check if those clients connect with your USP; if it fails to impress them, it is likely to miss the mark with other customers too.

Evaluate the USP of Your Competitors and Preserve Yours

Following the topic of USP comes another crucial aspect of it. Identifying your competitors and which characteristics set your project apart can provide you with an insight into how customers will view your company. Once you understand your USP, the chances are that your competitors will try to counteract it. 

For instance, if you have an incredible new update in your project, it will likely appear in theirs as well in the following year. Make sure to market your USP correctly and be a step ahead of others. 

Focus on Customer Service 

Did you know a survey found that 91% of customers who are dissatisfied with a brand will depart without complaining? It is due to this silent abandonment approach that has a negative impact on a company’s image.

Poor customer service takes a huge toll on a business. The majority of customers decide against making a purchase after a poor customer service experience. You simply can’t afford to lose consumers due to bad service in today’s competitive industry. 

Customer service should be at the forefront of your company’s priorities. Many companies cannot retain customers due to the lack of effort in customer service. Customer retention necessitates monitoring and responding to both unfavorable and good evaluations. 

Failing to take reviews and focusing on customer service will put your blockchain company at the risk of losing customers to competitors even before having the opportunity to try your product or service.

Use the Reward System 

On the topic of customer retention comes a great strategy to build customer loyalty: the reward system. 

But is this system really effective?

Well, 83% of customers are more inclined to continue doing business with a firm if they have a loyalty program. A reward system will build a more extensive customer base for your blockchain company and ensure that they are returning and repeating their purchase. 

Boost Your Branding 

Just within the first 10 seconds, people create their first impressions of a brand. That’s why it’s so crucial to nail your branding. You must distinguish yourself from your competitors if you want to get noticed.

Branding includes using the right color scheme, tag lines, and fonts to your marketing advantage. Maintaining a consistent brand color and font will help your blockchain company in brand recognition.

Build an Online Presence 

It is much easier for customers to find you when you have a strong online presence. Right from the number of followers on your social media handles to the number of visitors on your website and blogs, everything matters. To begin, it can be challenging and tiresome to gain a following on either platform, but once you keep the quality of your updates and content high enough and consistent, you’ll be able to gain the spotlight in front of your audience.  

Gain Traffic to Your Website Through SEO

With Google being the search engine with the most market share, there are undoubtedly millions of people who are searching for their queries. The chances are that in this pool of searches, there is a prospective customer who enters a query that is related to your business’s niche. 

Now with there being only 10 spots on a search page, this space becomes highly competitive. If your blockchain company does not appear in the top ten search results, another firm will receive a new consumer while you lose a prospective lead. As a result, it’s essential for websites to appear on the first page — particularly among one of the top three organic spots— because these receive 58.4% of all user clicks. 

Without putting forth the effort, no company can rise to the top rankings. This is why you should utilize various SEO techniques and engage in keyword research to gain more traffic. 

Understand Your Customer’s Intent 

What do you think your customers will do once they are on board with your blockchain project? Will they use it for themselves? Will they share it with others to make a difference? Or are they testing it for the company they work at? Understanding your customers’ main goal with your product/service is essential since it helps you align your project more towards their needs. You can do this by conducting a simple survey and asking your followers/visitors to share why they’re interested in your project specifically and where or what they intend to use it for. 


In a nutshell, these were some of the best ways by which you can make your blockchain project stand out and have a better outreach. It’s vital to understand that these ways can vary immensely and even shift with newer trends in the digital marketing space. Hence, it is best to always do your research before implementing any strategy or investing in one. 

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